Past Meetings

June 21, 2018

Program: 600 Matters!
Presenter:  Scott Hewett, Spectrum Consultant, T-Mobile Communications
Scott updated us on the TV repack and T-Mobile’s deployment plans, reviewed displacement of LP stations/translators, and discussed the impact of the repack on wireless microphone users.

April 26, 2018

Program: David Allen, MNC Software & Jim Lein, AC Video Solutions
Presentation: Facility Remote Control
The Technology Running MNC’s Mosaic M & C System
Mosaic, MNC’s flagship product, is in use around the world, including AT&T DIRECTV, Global Radio UK, Voice of Vietnam, and ION Media.

February 22, 2018

Program:  Sierra Automated Systems, audio over IP
Presentation:  SAS’s Al Salci discussed AES-67 Audio Over IP, AES-70 for GPI-O and Control over IP.  In addition, a possible successor to HDMI, AVB Audio over Ethernet (AoE) mechanism with auto QoS, was also discussed.

January 25, 2018

Program:  Lawo Audio Consoles for TV
Presentation:  Bill Bennett from Lawo discussed virtualization of radio and it’s anticipated role in future content creation and broadcast workflow.